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“ Begin with     the end in     mind. ” 

Vision Insurance Group provides LTC, Life, Auto, Homeowners, and Commercial Insurance
in South Dakota, Nebraska, Iowa and Oregon

Owner Chris Jacobson
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Vision Insurance
We all need to have a compelling vision of future that we aspire to, and then proceed with our day to day in order to  make that future a reality. That’s how you live in the vision.


Chris Jacobson is the owner and founder of Vision Insurance Group. His podcast “Live in the Vision” carries the mission of discussing and teasing out themes that business owners, athletes and people use to improve their processes. Current circumstances may sometimes appear to run contrary to our goals, but we have to persist in living in the vision of our future.  

Vision Insurance Group provides LTC, Life, Auto/Car, Homeowners, and Commercial Insurance in South Dakota, Nebraska, Iowa and Oregon

We’re here to uplift our community with different resources for you and others to follow along with! Vision Insurance Group is our HOME, however we want you sourced with positive content. “Live in the beginning with the end in mind.” We’re going to be here to provide you with content regardless or circumstances with the idea of cultivating a lifestyle of thanksgiving.       

Come along with us!

Coverage We Offer

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South Dakota auto/car insurance

South Dakota home/renters insurance

South Dakota commercial/business 

South Dakota life insurance



Nebraska auto/car insurance

Nebraska home/renters insurance

Nebraska commercial/business 

Nebraska life insurance



Iowa auto/car insurance

Iowa home/renters insurance

Iowa commercial/business 

Iowa life insurance



Oregon auto/car insurance

Oregon home/renters insurance

Oregon commercial/business 

Oregon life insurance

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