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Vision Insurance offers Life, LTC, Home Owners, Auto and Business Insurance in Iowa.


Presented by Tamala Francis,
Founder & CEO at Francis & Co.

Vision Insurance
​We all need to have a compelling vision of future that we aspire to, and then proceed with our day to day in order to  make that future a reality. That’s how you live in the vision.


Chris Jacobson is the owner and founder of Vision Insurance Group. His podcast “Live in the Vision” carries the mission of discussing and teasing out themes that business owners, athletes and people use to improve their processes. Current circumstances may sometimes appear to run contrary to our goals, but we have to persist in living in the vision of our future.  

Vision Insurance offers Life, LTC, Home Owners,
Auto and Business Insurance in Iowa.

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Iowa Life Insurance

  1. Iowa does not require individuals to have life insurance, but it is highly recommended to protect your loved ones in case of your unexpected death.

  2. The average cost of life insurance in Iowa is lower than the national average, making it an affordable option for residents.

  3. There are two main types of life insurance policies: term life insurance and permanent life insurance. Term life insurance provides coverage for a set period, while permanent life insurance provides coverage for life and has a cash value component.

  4. Iowa has a grace period of 30 days for missed premium payments on life insurance policies. If you miss a payment, you have 30 days to make up the payment before your policy is cancelled.

  5. Iowa law allows for a 10-day free look period on life insurance policies. This means that you can cancel your policy within 10 days of receiving it and receive a full refund of any premiums paid.

  6. Life insurance benefits are typically tax-free in Iowa, which means that your beneficiaries will not have to pay state taxes on the payout.

  7. Iowa has a life insurance guaranty association that provides protection to policyholders in the event that their insurance company becomes insolvent.

Overall, life insurance can provide valuable financial protection for your loved ones in the event of your unexpected death. It's important to speak with a licensed insurance agent to determine the best type of policy and coverage amount for your individual needs.

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